This is a great set of strategies for eating more vegetables, especially leafy ones! We had some success with smiling salads getting the kids to eat more variety and volume of veggies by arranging them appealingly. A salad bar where they can choose what they want is always a hit. In fact, it was one of our favorite ways to feed our 6-year-old in a restaurant…until the pandemic. Now we’re back to the at-home salad bar.

For small families, though, it can be daunting to prep and set up a whole bunch of salad ingredients because whatever’s let over is going to spoil rapidly, especially if you have it out on the counter while you’re eating in hot weather. An alternative is to make a list of salad ingredients, have each person choose what they want, and then make custom salads–cutting or shredding only as much of each vegetable as you need and putting the remainder back in the fridge right away. My brother used to do this when it was his turn to make lunch for himself, mom, and me in the summer; he got very good at inventorying the fridge and thinking creatively about what might be used in a salad, and enjoyed writing up the menu!

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